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Journal And Live With The Moon - Free Community And Resources

This free community is for you if you:

  • have purchased the Daily Moon Journals
  • or want to explore it before you buy it 
  • have been curious about working with the moon cycles and want to learn.
  • want to be part of a community of soul-led women

The Daily Moon Journals is a unique guided journaling process for self-connection to help you to:

  • feel more grounded
  • confident
  • and rediscover the lost art of connecting with your feminine rhythm both in your active menstrual phase and/or menopause. 

These journals are designed to re-connect, understand and utilise your cyclical nature. 

There are also lost of moon resources for you to cherry pick from. These will give you information about how to work with the moon cycles and your own cyclical nature. 

You can browse through: 

  • Moon Ceremonies 
  • Moon Insights
  • Meditations
  • My moon wisdom podcast episodes
  • Spiritual/Self-healing practices

Aligned Expansion

9 month intuitive business coaching for female business owners to take charge of their business success with aligned action, creative freedom, and self leadership.

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