5 Powerful Mantras To Heal Depression

Your self-talk - inner dialogue - has a great influence not just on your mental and emotional but on your overall wellbeing, and your success and happiness in life. Your self-talk can usually be slip out of your awareness though because it is as constant as your breathing, AND, most of the time you need to focus your conscious awareness on your tasks at hands, which can be a lot as our lives are busy.  Mantras can help you to notice your self-talk, AND to stir it to a direction that is to your overall benefit. Words are powerful and when you put them together with intention, and say them intentionally, you can directly leverage from this power.  I am giving you five mantras here and explain the intentions behind them so that you can use them very intentionally to heal depression and support your mental and emotional wellbeing. These mantras are not just words but leading you to action because I know when you feel down or depressed, it can be hard to bring yourself to do anything. Also, an action will enhance the effect of the mantra on your wellbeing.

How The Simple Practice of Self-Care Can Help Overcoming Depression And Burnout And Lead To Self Love

I remember when I first heard about self-care in 2013. I didn’t know such a thing existed. I didn’t know that you can do things for yourself with the explicit intention of caring for your own needs…!! I didn’t even know that what I was feeling was called overwhelm and burnout. I just knew I felt so exhausted and miserable all the time, and I felt nobody cared about me. The truth was that it was me who didn’t care about me. But I had no idea. Learning about self-care changed this.

My Journey Of Overcoming Depression And Anxiety And Reclaiming The Real Me Underneath It All

I allow myself to observe hundreds of emotions bubbling in me  throughout the day. Angry, joyous, clear and calm, fed up, hopeless, happy… But it wasn’t always like this. It’s a real turn-on to notice the presence of all those emotions, acknowledge them, feel them, embrace them and let them keep bubbling up, and away, as they meant to. I used to keep myself away from feeling anything. Anxiety and depression used to be my lifestyle. Yes I made it into a lifestyle.


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