Blog My Journey Of Overcoming Depression And Anxiety And Reclaiming The Real Me Underneath It All

My Journey Of Overcoming Depression And Anxiety And Reclaiming The Real Me Underneath It All


I allow myself to observe hundreds of emotions bubbling in me  throughout the day. Angry, joyous, clear and calm, fed up, hopeless, happy…

But it wasn’t always like this.

It’s a real turn-on to notice the presence of all those emotions, acknowledge them, feel them, embrace them and let them keep bubbling up, and away, as they meant to. I used to keep myself away from feeling anything.

Anxiety and depression used to be my lifestyle. Yes I made it into a lifestyle.

Let me tell you about one of my very creative coping habits/mechanisms! (I now can really smile at all of those-little-tricks-up-my-sleeve to mask what was going on inside me.)

Anytime I felt my stomach turning from the constant anxiousness, or felt the ever present high stress levels in my body and mind, I waved my wrist in front of my nose and sniffed in the calming fragrance of frankincense that I rubbed there as part of my morning routine as soon as I got out of bed.

I felt the temporary peace rushing over my body and mind as the fragrant hit my nervous system.

Nobody knew I was surviving each day with my ‘elegant’ ways of coping. It was even hidden from me.

Anxiety was my daily norm, and it took me a while to register that this was actually happening.

Finally, one day I thought to myself: “shit, I am depressed…!” ...and the journey to get out of it started, in secret. 

The GP signed me off for a week writing ‘unwell’ as a reason so I didn’t have to tell the truth at work why I was off. I didn’t tell anyone that I started counselling, or going to support groups.

Things started to change. I started to change… I discovered personal and spiritual development. I learnt about how the mind and emotions work. I learned about healing work. I became an NLP and Hypnosis trainer, a Master of Time Line Therapy, Reiki, Womb healing, and other disciplines.

And in the process, I healed myself. 

I descended to meet my soul and got to know me and continuously do, everyday.

I grow.

I feel.

I release.

I open up.

I take action.

I live.

I love.

It hasn’t happened overnight. It was a journey of crying a lot, laughing, resisting, feeling amazed and amused, or shocked at times about the stuff I realised about myself, but I was feeling lighter, stronger and happier as I went on.

It happened over time. I became the foundation of me, and I let go of anxiety, depression for good, as well as worked on defining what I desired in my life, and follow that.

So I swapped my depression lifestyle to happiness lifestyle, empowerment lifestyle, freedom lifestyle, joy lifestyle.

As time passed, I had more and more love and kindness for me.

I created new habits to take care of my spirit. I learned to nourish and nurture myself and my joys and dreams. My life is not without challenges, but I wasn’t looking for perfection. I was looking for me and building an intimate relationship with me.

This is how this relationship looks like now:

I check in daily how I feel.

I cleanse my heart and mind daily.

I make a choice every day how to feel and who I want to be.

I honour every single emotional turmoil that shows up and let it teach me another speck of gold.

Sometimes, I get in a swirl but I don’t lose my balance anymore.

I created beautiful practices for the soul with a healthy sprinkle of woo using the guidance of my cyclical nature and the moon.

I feel honoured and excited to be able to hold the space for other women to become whole, grounded, mentally, emotionally strong, and balanced and just step into the woman they meant to be.

Because happiness is a choice.

Choose to get grounded and connect back to yourself each day.

Choose to love You and your life. 

Choose to keep up and build empowering habits

Choose to create clarity and act from there

Choose to stay in momentum 

Choose to face your fears and let go of blocks

Choose to be courageous and make decisions

Choose joy

Make these choices are your norm.

If you would like support with your mental and emotional wellbeing, explore my free workshop: Overcoming Depression And Burnout For Good

I am also here to help you on this amazing journey with my Self Love Circle where you get tools, support and accountability to reach your personal transformation in your mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.


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