Self Love Circle

Self Love Circle

8 Modules

Purposefully Pausing

In this module you can find videos giving you tutorials to how to use the concept of purposefully pausing pausing in different ways. 

Schedule Of Healing Circles

This module shows you our schedule of healing sessions which we hold at every new moon and full moon. 

You will find the zoom link to join and the dates for each new and full moon.

Ceremonies / Healing Circles

One of the weekly coaching calls a month is dedicated to energy work.

A space to deal with your fears and doubts. 

A space to allow yourself to clear, heal, and elevate.

These calls may correspond with the full moon or other wheel of the year events such as a Solstice.

Each circle has a theme or topic or intention helping us to reflect, ground, heal and connect with ourselves and one another. 

In this module, you can find all the recording if you cannot attend.

And as each ceremony is unique and has a theme, you might find useful to repeat them or browse through them to use anytime. Ceremonies can provide powerful support and inspiration according to what you are going through in life and what emotional/spiritual support or guidance you need. 

Inner Child Healing Through Walking The Female Rites Of Passage

Each moon phase corresponds and activates an archetype within us. It helps us to re-member parts of ourselves and tap into these aspects. 

The waxing moon calls us to connect with our Maiden or as I like calling it, 'The Magnetic Lover' because the Maiden is the part of us who has so much love for life, the world and ourselves. And with this love we attract all we desire as our heart is fully open. We are not afraid to get hurt or make mistakes. We go for what we truly want. 

As in our world the female rites of passage has not been honoured for many centuries, we lost the traditions to celebrate when we first step into our Maiden. It is the age of becoming, having our first menstrual cycle and passing the threshold of growing into a young woman. 

In this module, you can re-create your rite of passage, your menarche ceremony and fully reconnect  with your Maiden and reclaim any lost part and heal any wound of the girl who you use to be. 

As having our first bleeding is a poignant part of a woman's life, only happens once, you can find age appropriate ceremonies for daughters, nieces, mothers, and grandmothers, so that we can revive our rites of passage and live the phases of our femininity more consciously.

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